Pendulum Wave

In order to make this pendulum wave we started off by trying to figure out the lengths of the strings for all 7 pendulums that are in our project. If done correctly with the perfect lengths, the machine is supposed to initially look like a sine or cosine wave, then move into a chaotic phase, and then return to the original wave. The more pendulums in the wave, the better it will look.

String Length:
The lengths of the string are what affect the Pendulum’s period. For the Pendulum Wave to work you need to find the correct lengths. To determine these lengths we used this formula.

l(n) = g(T/(2pi(N+n)))^2

l(n) = length of string, g = gravity, T = period, N = number of oscillations, n = pendulum index (starting at 0)

Our Pendulum Wave:
As I said before, we used 7 pendulums on a yard stick and it was held by binder clips. I feel like we could have constructed the base so it was sturdier and so it could hold more pendulums. A common problem is that the string would tangle but we were able to stop that by looping the string through the nut and allowing space by the two sides of the string.