Dark Souls III Scaling and Rate of Change

Dark Souls III, produced by FromSoftware, is a challenging Action/RPG released in 2016.

With a fresh game, I decided to explore and try to find the rate at which Attack Rating increases based upon leveling up the Strength or Dexterity stats.

Seen as most weapons get additional parameter bonuses using both Strength and Dexterity, I decided to use the Butcher Knife as it only requires the strength stat, but a minimum of 24 strength.

The equation to find the total attack rating goes as follows:

TotalAttack = TotalPhysical + TotalMagic + TotalFire + TotalDark + TotalLightning

Since the Butcher Knife only uses physical damage, the other damage types were irrelevant. The calculation for total physical rating goes as follows:

TotalPhysical = BasePhysical + BasePhysical*StrengthBonus*ParameterBonus + BasePhysical*DexterityBonus*ParameterBonus

Explanation here can be hard to follow and charts seem intimidating, but the power point should help clear things up.





Max Daley