“Just Do It” Trivia Game


Our project is a game styled after Family Feud. The class will be split up into 2 teams and a player from each team will come up to answer a question. There are 8 non-calculator questions and 7 calculator questions. The person who can answer the question correctly first will earn their team a point. If they answer incorrectly it will be sent to the other player who will have a chance to answer. There will be random bonus questions throughout the deck for the team who answers correctly. The whole team can collaborate to answer this question and if they are correct they will receive another point. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins.
Our objective with this game was to create a fun way to prepare for the AP test. We tried to find a variety of different problems as well as make people think a little bit with the silly calculus questions. They seem funny when you read them but they really make you think about the basics of calculus and mathematics.


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