Golf Wedge Distances

I will find how far a golf ball will travel based on chipping with different lofts. I will use clubs with lofts of 50, 54, and 58 degrees. I will do several trials with the same length swing. I will measure how long the ball is in the air as well as how far the ball travels before it lands by rolling measuring tape next to where each ball lands. Using several trials, I will divide distance travelled by time in the air and average each trial to come up with an average value for velocity. This will create a velocity graph of x’(t)= average velocity. I will then find the integral from time t=0 to t= the average time in the air to find how far each ball flies on average compared to the loft of the club.

50 Degree Wedge

54 Degree Wedge

58 Degree Wedge


50 degree average velocity (inches/second): 279.5

54 degree average velocity (inches/second): 232.7

58 degree average velocity (inches/second): 220.7


50 degree average time (seconds): .98

54 degree average time (seconds): 1.26

58 degree average time (seconds): 1.06

After integral:

50 degree average distance (inches): 273.91

54 degree average distance (inches): 293.202

58 degree average distance (inches): 233.942

50 Degree Wedge Graph

54 Degree Wedge Graph

58 Degree Wedge Graph